The fascination with BDSM and fetishism began very early with me, even as a teenager I discovered I was very dominant with men and some of my schoolfriends admitted to being a little bit scared as I was stronger and more dominant than all the boys. I was toned and muscular which gave me more strength and confidence than the men I was meeting. Perhaps these were the early signs of my natural progression into a career as a professional dominatrix.

Domination is just a profession to me, its my passion, my love and my career. On my journey I also discovered I was bi-sexual and had as much fun dominating girls and couples as much as I did men.

I naturally a very naughty and sexually driven woman who discovers something new and thrilling in every session. I never stop learning about new things that turns both me and the people I play with.

London Dominatrix with a wooden paddle and slave

London Dominatrix pinning slave down on a spanking bench

London Rubber Dominatrix in a catsuit overpowering a man